New Year, New You!

How many times have you set a New Year New You resolution for it to fail? In this blog I talk to why that may be and alternatives for consideration.

New Year, New You!

How many times have you set a New Year New You resolution for it to fail? In this blog I talk to why that may be and alternatives for consideration.

Introduction – New You

New Year New You - Do resolutions work for you?

New Year resolution. New You. Does it work? How many times have you set a New Year resolution and not stuck to it? How many times have you invented a New You only to fall back to the old you quickly?

According to the holy grail that is Google, approximately 43% of people who set new year resolutions are successful. And most of these resolutions are around diet and exercise.

Between those and Dry January, many people focus on health related resolutions, which is not surprising after the indulgence that Christmas encourages.

And a New Year always feels like a great place to start. When in reality, January is often a ‘low’ month. There are still Christmas goodies hanging around, it’s cold outside and gets dark early (in England that is anyway!). For most it is back to work, back to routines and back to the same old life. 

So, if the New Year New You hasn’t worked in the past, it really is no wonder! 

Unless your household, friends and colleagues are also on board or supportive, it can feel like everything is against you and you have to put in a Herculean effort to succeed.

How to ensure your New You is here to stay

As you will have heard, you can’t eat an elephant in one go. It has to be done piecemeal. And a New You is no different. Small incremental changes are where it’s at.

Try implementing one thing at a time and start with the easy stuff to gain momentum. 

There are some trains of thought that you should take on the hardest things first, as per the book Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy (not necessarily New You focused yet a good analogy all the same), but as we have already recapped above, many resolutions fail, so in this case I suggest to start easy and ramp up.

So, a plan is required! And if there are special events that are driving your need to change, they can help to add in milestones and keep you focused.

Consider how much you really want a New You too. If you aren’t completely invested in the end result, how can you stay true to your plan? What’s the point?

I like to use the term Bulletproof here.

Being bulletproof creates an image in my mind of someone who’s head is down, they are focused on them, on achieving their desired result, and nothing will distract them. 

Another way of looking at it is that the New You (your future self) is waiting for you. They are relying on you to do the work. No one else can do it for you, no matter how much they can convince you otherwise. New You is cheering you on. New You wants to be you. New You needs you.

Alternative New Year New You ideas

New You also does not have to be a physical New You. It could be a mental New You or a spiritual New You. Admittedly some of the journey to a physical New You can help the others, but there may be additional effort required elsewhere.

The following are a few small steps that can be taken to balance the physical New You with the mental and spiritual New You.

  1. Learn something new

There are always heaps of courses out there for most things. You could learn a new skill, gain a complimentary qualification to another you already have, learn something completely random. Learn a language or a craft. 

That something new could enhance your skills in your day job or even give you an avenue to earn a little bit extra towards a treat for yourself.

The more useful the new learning is, the more you will be invested in the time it takes to do the learning. 

I do enjoy the thought of a change. A change or something different is invigorating, in a lot of ways it is better than a rest!

  1. Try a new hobby

Learning something new may invoke a new hobby and give you a whole different channel for your energy, passion and drive.

A different hobby compared to a day job or other element of your life will also provide balance.

It could be your escape from the ‘norm’, something just for you or something you take up with a friend / family member to combine ‘you time’ with more quality time with others.

A new hobby may well have many parallels to other parts of your life where you have challenges and could also give you confidence to take on other things.

You may even meet new people along the way and expand your network!

  1. Eat a new food

We can all enjoy watching cooking shows, reading recipes and our mouths water at the thought of different experiences. The anticipation of what that food would taste like can be dreamy.

But how many of us then take that recipe and actually try it for ourselves?

How many of us have a house full of cookery books and cook the same meals over and over.

I am 100% guilty of this! Especially when that dreaded question is asked….‘What do you fancy for tea?’.

I am definitely looking to cook more in different ways and different foods this year.

And I will be looking to try new ingredients. I will at least try things once!

I may even find new favourites and share them with others!

And this could lead to a like-minded group of people who could share recipes, maybe cook for each other and learn more together.

Amazing what can come from a change!

  1. Read a new book

Reading is such a precious act. A complete escape, a journey you go on mentally while the rest of you is still. A luxury in a time poor day. A huge treat!

I do love the act of rest while reading. To take that time for me, to devour pages, the joy of turning them and seeing how much is left, the progress that is made and the rollercoaster that some books can take you on.

One of the best gifts I can receive is a good book. A friend once gave me a book, some nice tea bags and small bars of chocolate. It was an invitation for time out. A treat for me. A message to allow my head to journey as I got a physical break.

It was tremendous! The book was amazing, the tea delicious and the chocolate an indulgent change.

Why not ask for a book recommendation from someone else and read something different. Even a fiction book can teach you things you never considered.

  1. Try journalling

If you don’t journal already, give it a go.

I have found huge benefits in writing things down.

The relationship between your hand, the pen and the paper makes you present, mindfully focusing on the here and now. 

It can drive you to think more about what you want out of your day, the things you want to or have achieved and where you may want to focus next.

You can plan ahead, keep notes and be your own coach!

For more on journaling, check out my blog here.

  1. Find new walks

A lot of New You can be found or benefit from time in nature. A mindful escape from the norm. Fresh air in your lungs, beautiful views drunk in by your eyes and the sound of birds singing or waves crashing in your ears.

Dog owners know the value of that walk in the day and the fun of discovering new places to go and things to see.

Why not do a good turn for an elderly neighbour by taking their dog out or offer to dog sit for someone if you don’t have a dog? The feel good factor of doing a good deed and that exposure to the great outdoors would increase the level of personal satisfaction.

You could volunteer in nature, to help in your local woodland, giving back whilst getting that escape.

You could also meet a friend, grab a cuppa and walk while you talk.

  1. Try Breditation

This is a real thing! I discovered it whilst talking to a group of friends about making sourdough during lockdown. I was explaining how I loved the whole art and routine of having a sourdough starter, feeding him (he was called Stewy), using the live culture to create delicious things and the whole process of kneading the dough.

One of that group called it Breditation. The use of making bread as a way of being mindful, the kneading as a way to meditate and the pleasure from the smell as it cooked.

My friend shared that there was a book all about it with me and it made me smile! It was real! Here is the link to the book.

When I lead a health initiative in my day job, we had a ‘roadshow’ and I had the idea to share this with my colleagues, providing them with flour and instructions on how to make and keep their starter and a basic bread recipe.

Working with your hands, if you don’t do it usually, is wonderful!

New Yea New You - Alternative - Breditation

New Year New You timing

We have already been over the fact that January is a tough time of year to move to a New You for a number of reasons. One of which I referenced was the dark and cold. 

In another book that was bought for me by another amazing friend, there was a focus on the seasons in nature and how we should use them to help guide our energies. How winter was a time for rest, as it is in nature, and how spring is where we should start to emerge. 

In this case, it may well be that a New Year and New You (certainly in my part of the world) would be better aligned to the financial year (April to March) rather than the Gregorian calendar.

Who is to say you need to even wait for a particular month? Because every second, minute, hour, day and week are all new. New is new, no matter when it starts.

So consider the alternatives to revive yourself from a winter of rest. Know that anything New for you can change your mood and give you the change that you may need while the New Year gets underway.

In summary…

So if you are looking to make changes and want ideas, new angles and help planning the New You, why not get in touch, we can work together to devise a plan. Allow me to help fast track you to get underway. The New You is waiting! The New You is relying on you…..
Contact me here and we’ll get you started!

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