How to lead with energy, passion and drive in 5 steps

Remember that brilliant piece of work you did that didn't feel like work? That amazing experience that you will never forget - did you throw in all your energy, passion and drive to make it happen? Read on to learn why this is key to success.

How to lead with energy, passion and drive in 5 steps

Remember that brilliant piece of work you did that didn't feel like work? That amazing experience that you will never forget - did you throw in all your energy, passion and drive to make it happen? Read on to learn why this is key to success.

Why does energy, passion and drive matter?

I do believe that we as humans have the power to take on most things. Eventually, through dedicated training and practice, we can achieve pretty much anything. Clearly we have to trust that process, believe it can happen and be patient enough to allow the effort to pay off.

I know this from my own running journey during the 2021 lockdown. Going out almost every day, trying to get more comfortable and slowly build up to a better speed, it could be done. I still have not broken the 30 minute 5 kilometre milestone I dream about, but that is another story. 

The point is, by tracking my progress, giving myself small milestones to aim at (like medals achieved virtually along the way) that the journey was almost enjoyable. Whilst that magic 30 minute 5 kilometre is still not within reach, the distance I could go improved. So I adjusted my mantra to be ‘further not faster’ and things began to change. I got up to a 12 kilometre virtual medal by December of 2021, a whole year of running, it was a great finale. And I have enjoyed running for various virtual medals and general fitness / headspace ever since.

The point of this story is that I do not have passion and drive to run. I can muster up some energy to do it, but I do not love it (that much anyway). So I can do it, in my own way, but I do not excel at it. 

When I get to do something I love, there is a sparkle and shine about me, I am ‘infectiously enthusiastic’. Many people want to join in with what I am doing because my enthusiasm and excitement is felt by them too. They take little persuasion. Like a huge rock rolling down a hill, the momentum is already there, I simply steer them in the right direction.

You may recognise this winning combination in your own life, or from a particular event. Where you will leap at doing something because it plays to your strengths, you love to do that task, you’re the best you know at it and will always throw 110% at it. It could be cooking at home, decorating, gardening, or organising a party. At work it could be doing some analysis, designing a new system, running a special project or organising an event.

There is always something that can spark our energy, passion and drive that means we are hyper productive, we will deliver and we love the whole thing!

Can everyone lead?

Let’s unpack what it is to lead a little. 

To lead can mean that you provide direction, you take someone by the hand and take them or show them the way. At any one point in time, we have all led someone or something. Be it a child in learning new skills, a friend to go somewhere new, a dog on a walk. 

So YES, everyone can all lead. We all have the power to lead something or someone. Growing this as a skill that can be used in other situations can be hugely beneficial. I have seen the most gentle and kind people lead meetings and workshops very effectively as they follow an organised and structured method, there is respect to the whole team and agreed rules at the start.

I have also seen the most quiet introverted people lead discussions in a work situation on a very technical topic to solve some really big issues, through the use of their own knowledge and expertise. Being seen as an ‘authority’ or a ‘guru’ for something can also mean you are able to lead effectively. People become more willing to listen, to follow and to collaborate.

5 steps to leading with energy, passion and drive

  1. Enthusiasm

What a glorious word this is. ENTHUSIASM. Almost like infuse – to inject something into an object or situation. If I was to wrap one word around energy, passion and drive, Enthusiasm would be it! Like dropping a smoke bomb into a room, enthusiasm can spread like wildfire too. It is most fun to be enthusiastic with equally enthusiastic people. The level of excitement rises, the buzz is electric and the vibration of all involved rises. 

There is almost a herd mentality towards the cause that gives more power to the whole team and they can push their productivity and success even higher. Finding like minded people to work with can ensure your enthusiasm is not only maintained, but boosted too. And remember, the same enthusiasm does not always mean you have the same skill sets, a well balanced coordinated and happy team can all be enthusiastic, probably even more so as they know they have most skills necessary to achieve the task.

  1. Research

When starting something or being asked to lead something, doing some ‘pre-work’ helps to set the playing field. To know the grounding / foundation of the topic, what has worked or not, who may be experts to involve, where other resources are, etc. There’s a lot to be said for ‘googling’ and being prepared. 

Sharing this knowledge ahead of the event can be even more beneficial. It may be that team members also have ‘pre-work’ to do so that the task can start from an informed position. Knowing these things ahead of time can help prepare for pitfalls that could appear (giving time to work on how to prevent them or lessen their impact). This can help maintain the momentum on the whole.

  1. Team

Whilst it is great to gather the team to include all the best most collaborative high performing people to drive with energy and passion, sometimes teams benefit from a fresh pair of eyes, from an external point of view, a parallel process owner or a succeeding process owner to think around corners and consider alternatives. Bringing in someone who opposes the aim of the task, provided they are managed effectively, can also make the work more robust, due to opposing people being represented and consulted.

  1. Build the Buzz

The right team, the right preparation, injecting enthusiasm, bringing high energy and lots of bounce can help to build buzz around the task and future events. Promotion before, during and after the event, sharing lessons learned and thanking all involved keeps the communication positive, shows your own energy, passion and drive around the topic and can encourage others to do the same. Should you need to lead again in future, people will jump at the chance to work with you and learn from you.

  1. Hold an event

If there is no chance to be ‘asked’ to lead something, why not invent something to lead? It could be a club at a school, a lunchtime walking group at work, a book club, a team of volunteers or more. You could teach a group of people something you have learned or are good at. You could invite in an expert to teach you and others something new or to enhance existing skills.

How I use my energy, passion and drive to lead

Many times at work, I have been asked to, or simply taken, the lead. One particular time I wish to share with you is when we learned that a health initiative was about to be launched across our site. I was deep into my gym attending, exercising and healthy food and I thought it would be great to get involved. So I went to the kick off meeting.  

I had just started working for a new boss in a new role. As the kick off meeting went on, I could feel my energy, passion and drive building. I was very enthusiastic to get involved so much so that when they got to the point they wanted a lead – I burst forward and grabbed it. 

I admit I was a little nervous about what my boss would say as I had just taken on the new job too, but I had done it now – so I would have to beg for forgiveness (rather than permission!). I simply had too much energy, passion and drive towards the topic to hold myself back! Luckily my boss was totally fine about it and I was free to play.

And play is what it felt like. Like a lot of fun. I had a team of 10, we put on events, arranged regular gym and yoga classes, invited in various speakers, had clubs for running, walking and so much more. I loved it so much I would work on it in my spare time and constantly thought about how we could do more for the initiative. 

It wasn’t my job, it was my volunteering role, but I could have done it full time in a heartbeat. I loved it and it showed. 

Using your energy, passion and drive to find the path

I recently listened to Sir Ken Robinson’s ‘The Element’ on YouTube. I had heard some of his TEDTalks and when this one was recommended to someone on LinkedIn who was looking to change career direction, I was nosey enough to want to see what it was all about. Plus Sir Ken’s humour is also very appealing which makes the listening even more fun. 

Sir Ken speaks to education and how mainstream education is far too antiquated. That all students are shoehorned into studying topics and gaining knowledge that does not fulfil them. And I can say, having been through mainstream UK education myself, and observed many others do the same, that one size does not fit all. 

If some people had been able to study the topics that really lit them up (that fed their ‘element’ as Sir Ken calls it) during their school days, they would have not have spent more time studying / learning to get into that career / job. 

Encouraging people to do what they have energy, passion and drive for earlier, we could expect even more from our young people, a happier community in general and a more productive world on the whole.


Doing what you love, using your energy, passion and drive, you can light a spark within that radiates like rays of light from your being out into the universe. The joy and fulfilment it brings takes you to a higher place, one of happiness, excitement and fun.

The more you work in this ‘zone’ the more energy you build, the deeper the passion becomes and the stronger the drive becomes.  

Learning to lead with energy, passion and drive, in your work and your home life, breeds momentum, it boosts your performance and your ability to deliver heightens.

There really is nothing like finding this sweet spot.

Better still, I have helped others find their energy, passion and drive and seen it lead to so much success, in life and work. Just look at what one of my clients has said about the work we did together:

This could be you too. This could be you, arriving into your energy, passion and drive with bells and whistles on. Dazzling the world with how bright you are shining.

Contact me here and we’ll work on finding your energy, passion and drive TODAY!

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