About Me

My name is Lisa and I empower the best in people through their relationships, personal confidence and professional life.

A Bit About Me

I was born and raised in the North East of England, soon to move to Rugby, Warwickshire. I arrived with my mother, father, younger brother and a boatload of enthusiasm to be an engineer just like my grandad. I qualified as a Modern Apprentice and am proud to have achieved this goal. I have experienced so much of the world since in my career, all with Engineering as the foundation.

However, my volunteering opened up a new world to me and here I am, helping other people.

How I got started

During my full-time job, I was leading a volunteering health initiative, where I brought in a local mindset coach with a kindred spirit to support the programme. We hit it off immediately, and to my surprise, other people encouraged me to indulge in the area – clearly, I was doing something right!

The sparks started to fly and I took the leap.

It all made sense! I had been trained as a workplace listener and was always willing to support those who needed a caring ear. I really glowed with happiness when I could help others. So I embarked on training programmes to develop my knowledge even further.

On my 41st birthday I bought my company name. Exceed Coaching Ltd. “Exceed and go beyond to reach higher and higher and achieve more than ever before”, I said to myself.

I soon had a website, business cards and other merchandise to advertise Exceed Coaching Ltd. and the services I offered. I initially supported retiring male managers and executives to navigate the emotional side of retirement.

And from there, the rest is history.

Two Minds are better Than One

We all strive to be our best selves and aim to have the perfect life we dream of. But the emotional hurdles can be high and literally feel like you can’t go in any direction other than up and over – at least you won’t know that until you face things head-on. I am here to serve you with the foundation of care and I strive to improve your life, guiding you to be the person you dream of being.

I have helped people just like you to change their world through a variety of problems. I want to continue to help people like you, by creating new approaches, and using my own experience to tackle your specific problem.

To me, we all deserve to live a happy life. I have built my programmes and structure coaching sessions so that they deliver for you, in a way that resonates with you. We will keep it logical and simple, breaking things down to the basics and rebuilding with strength and robustness, to weather any storm. You will rise to your own success, one obstacle at a time.