6 Reasons Why Women have Strength and Resilience

Women are strong and resilient. They battle things you sometimes never see. Throughout history they have fought hard for equality and continue to do so. Read on to discover 6 reasons why.

6 Reasons Why Women have Strength and Resilience

Women are strong and resilient. They battle things you sometimes never see. Throughout history they have fought hard for equality and continue to do so. Read on to discover 6 reasons why.

The strength and resilience of women

Throughout history, women have faced numerous challenges and obstacles, from being denied the right to vote to being discriminated against in the workplace. 

Despite these challenges, women have demonstrated incredible strength and resilience. 

In this blog, we will discuss some of the ways in which women exhibit strength and the importance of recognizing and celebrating it.

1. Emotional strength

Women are often expected to be emotionally strong, especially when facing difficult situations. Women demonstrate emotional strength by persevering through challenging times, supporting loved ones, and advocating for themselves and others.

Often women will support others to the detriment of themselves, which can be on account of a strong maternal instinct. Due to this, women will support the ‘underdog’, wanting everyone to be happy, healthy and successful.

Emotional strength can still exist, despite a display of tears, they are not to be confused with weakness but a strong display of how deep the kindness and caring can go in women. Sometimes a display of tears can be easier than sharing words of how hard something is to endure.

2. Physical strength

Women have shown tremendous physical strength in various fields, including sport, the military, and manual labour jobs. 

Women’s athletic achievements are impressive and continue to break records and change the perception of what is possible for women.

During childbirth a woman will exhibit strengths far greater than they can believe possible.

Women are less likely to take on something physical unless they believe enough that they can complete it.

6 reasons why women have strength and resilience: It is not only about physical and mental strength

3. Mental strength

Women have demonstrated mental strength by breaking through barriers and stereotypes to pursue their passions and careers. 

They have overcome gender bias and societal expectations to become leaders in their fields, achieving great success and inspiring others.

In many of these cases, women have balanced self doubt, a need to feel secure, an ability to provide for themselves and their families along with learning and personal development.

4. Resilience

Women are known for their resilience and ability to bounce back from difficult situations. They have faced adversity, including domestic abuse, harassment, and discrimination, and continue to thrive despite the challenges they have faced.

It often comes from a woman’s ability to find good friends they can confide in and build strength together. 

A good company will have networks / affinity groups that promote women in the workplace, which further builds their confidence and resilience in a corporate environment.

5. Empathy

Women often demonstrate incredible empathy, which enables them to connect with others on a deep level and provide support and care. 

This strength is particularly valuable in nurturing relationships and building strong communities.

Being able to empathise with others allows a woman to see beyond the immediate situation and to see things from a different point of view. This allows a more logical approach to conflict resolution.

6 reasons why women have strength and resilience: Empathy

6. Leadership

Women have shown remarkable leadership skills, stepping up to take charge in their communities, workplaces, and political arenas. They bring diverse perspectives and new approaches to solving complex problems, leading to positive change.

It was clearly evident during the recent pandemic that a woman’s maternal instinct and logical thinking can save lives. Those female leaders in charge of their countries at the time of the pandemic shut down borders instantly, created sensible rules to protect their people and had a far higher success rate against the virus. This article in Forbes also goes so far as to cite research that women led states in the US had fewer covid related deaths – proving their approach really did save lives.

Final Point

It is important to recognise and celebrate the strength of women in all forms. A woman’s strength is often overlooked or minimised, but it is essential to remember that it is a powerful force that has the potential to transform society. By acknowledging and celebrating women’s strength, we can empower and inspire future generations of women to achieve their dreams and make their mark on the world.

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