Life Coaching with Lisa Cobble

Do you want to improve your life?

My name is Lisa, I am a life coach and I empower the best in people in all type of relationships, personal confidence and professional life.

The Story...

I began supporting retired managers and directors, and I quickly found myself composing 6 easy steps to support anyone in their circumstances.

I like to say that I have guided, rather than coached. The focus is on you as a person to support the skill you want to develop by building strong foundations. From beginning to end, I’ll be there to guide you to be the person you desire to be.

Everyone has different stories, pain and suffering. Experiences that could break you, are employed to make you stronger through to your best self. Each individual is treated fairly with the recognition that they are unique. Custom-tailored solutions are made to cover your own specific issues, aligning your mind, body and soul. I make sure you are well on the inside as well as the outside.


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The 6 Stage Plan

The 6 stage plan is forged from my own experience and focuses on building a solid foundation in the ‘art of being you’. As you progress through the stages, you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, enhancing your personal growth and ability to solve your problems.

The aim is to graduate to find yourself on the right path and going in the right direction (where the magic happens) – this is my secret sauce!

Level 1
Ground Floor

Where are you right now? What does your current situation look like? We will introduce the main topics of health, money, main goals/priorities, downtime and your tribe. We look at the cape you already wear.

Level 2
First Floor

What got you to where you are now? How did you build your current state? What influenced your choices? What did the good times look like? What has success looked like? We will understand YOU.

Level 3
Second Floor
Focus on visualisation, let’s start dreaming about that outcome – what does it look, feel and smell like? We’ll explore the legacy theory and unleash your wants and desires. We’ll anchor that outcome strongly to you. We will believe in that future state. We will strengthen your purpose.
Level 4
Top Floor

Now we stop dreaming, we make it a reality. We tie out the personality, the values and
the strengths. We take charge. We drive the mission and vision of the future state and
build the headlines.

Level 5
On the Roof
The headlines become deadlines. We map the steps to launch. We build accountability. We schedule the path to your new reality.
Level 6
Flying High

Now you are at the top, your powers are building and you are learning to fly. Your path is clear, there is no stopping you!
We focus on progress, on success and check in that nothing has tangled that cape or got it in a flap. We learn to fly higher with confidence and stronger without hesitation. Let’s get to work!

Ready to transform your life?

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1-2-1 Coaching

The ideal solution for your personal, career and business life. Together we will guide you in the direction you want it to go in. Track your progress and see your dream come closer.

The 5 Day Challenge

Available at any time, the 5 day challenge is the fast-track way of improving one element of your life. It’s GAME CHANGING! Complete it in 5 days, and receive your BONUS!

Be Promotable

Be Promotable! Join my tribe of like-minded individuals, who are becoming energised, full of passion and drive to the benefit of them and all around them! Enjoy fun short tasks & sharing the journey in a safe and empowering environment.